There are nude cruises, nudist camping grounds, tennis courts, and motorcycle rallies across the country. There are 260 clothing-optional family resorts in North America, nearly twice the number of ten years ago, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Naturists say the benefits to sloughing off both clothes and convention include a sense of freedom and a better self image.
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Nudism is a wonderful and healthy freedom to enjoy. It is however not for everyone.

It is common that women have skepticism, especially with male partners, but it is overcome with time and understanding. Don't push, let your wife, girlfriend or a friend digest it as she wants and can.

Pamphlets and information are available from a multitude of locations on and off of the internet.

The nudist lifestyle fosters friendship, family, body acceptance & unencumbered relaxation. Enjoy!

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Vera & John's First-Time Nudist Experience
Vera & John First Nudist Experience My wife and I visited a club for the first time. In fact, it was our first time at any nudist facility. Our previous experience had only been with a few select friends either in our hot tub or someone's pool. Now here we were, with total strangers, and about to get nude. We were abruptly introduced to social nudism when we walked into the office. And we thought Fridays were casual, hah. Our membership guides went out of their way to ease our fears, and although apprehensive, we took the plunge. While we have changed clothes in a parking lot before, we can honestly say its the first time we ever took it all off. My God. Out in the open. Where we could be seen. Are we crazy?

Our guides gave us the tour and explained rules. By time we made it to the beach, we were beginning to relax. Well not completely, after all we don't have any clothes on in front of all of these people.

After lying in the sun for awhile and slowly beginning to grow accustomed, we decided to take a walk around the area with all of the trailers. Walking down the middle of the road, buck naked. Whoa, that's one we wouldn't have thought we'd do. There are some very creative people. Some of the trailers and cabins were really nice. But the people were sitting on their decks, barbequing, doing maintenance, and washing cars without a stitch of clothing. We're bordering on sensory overload now.

After our refreshing shower, Mother Nature decided to send some thunder boomies in. We wondered what nudists do when it rains. After all, there's no clothes to get wet. But we soon found out that it is cold, and if it rains hard enough can hurt. Plus our towels (towels are our friend we were told) would get wet. So we joined everyone in Keys Hall. It was getting close to the membership social hour anyhow..

~Vera & John

Anna's Nudist Experience
Anna Nudist Experience Early in 1998, if you had asked me to describe myself, nudist would not have occurred to me. Eight months ago I still would have been hesitant to call myself a nudist-in-process. Now, here I am, "naked-in-front-of-the-computer" and writing about my new nudist lifestyle for all the world. For me, the change was dramatic, profound, and personally transforming.

Becoming a nudist involved a process of self-exploration and reflection. It began as a solo endeavour, expanded to include my husband, then a world of internet friends. Although my first "real" social nude experience occurred only last spring, I feel like nudism has been part of my life forever. I share my experiences and look forward to being nude in social situations. All this in less than a year?!

Yes and no. Yes, many of these changes have occurred in just a few months. But no, because I realized that in my heart I have been a nudist for at least 30 years. I have clear memories of being young, happy, and nude, skinny dipping or playing naked in the sand.


Nudism, A Woman's Perspective
Imagine, being free to be yourself. Free to relax, Free to accept yourself just as you are, Free to accept others as they are. Free to experience who you are inside more than what you show outside. Free to just be! Remember running naked through the house or going skinny dipping as a youngster? Remember how free and exhilarated you felt? There was a sense of comfort, a sense of total acceptance, a feeling of total freedom, and a innocent disregard of the fears and inhibitions that develop with adulthood. You can recapture those feelings of freedom and that sense of self esteem and acceptance again.

With the growing acceptance of social nudism and nude recreation, more and more women are discovering what it is like to experience the spiritually liberating effect of social nudism. To be accepted as a person without regard to size, shape, scars, age, physical condition, and fashion. To be able to enjoy the fresh feeling of a gentle breeze against their skin. To bathe in the comforting rays of the sun as it warms their entire body.

Today, single women and women in relationships are joining naturist organizations in record numbers. Women of all ages and walks of life are enjoying clothes-free recreation. Women who feel at home with their bodies and enjoy sharing the experience with others. Young children, adolescents, young adults, middle aged women, and grandmothers alike are experiencing outdoor social nudism together. Professional women are finding solace, relaxation, and in general, a stress free escape from the day to day pressures of their careers.

Newcomers to nude recreation may have difficulty imagining how wonderful it feels. But once they take the plunge, they quickly discover it is a natural, life enhancing experience. It is the most normal thing in the world. Besides, imagine just how light your suit case can be when you visit a nudist facility for a weekend, or a vacation.

By joining a Naturist Club in your area, women can enjoy social nudism in a family oriented, non-sexual environment. They can participate in relaxing recreation, in discussion groups and experience personal growth workshops in a safe, non-threatening environment with like minded people.

By contacting a club or organization in your area, you can speak with female members to learn about their point of view and experiences. Most will tell you that when you are accepting of others just as they are, you’ll be more accepting of yourself.

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