Nude vs. Naked - Althougth similar, the two terms do not imply the same meaning. A nudist would rather be nude than naked. Naked implies being stripped, incomplete, missing something (clothing). Nudists` believe the nude human is in itself complete and that clothing can be added on optionally.

Nudist - One who practices nudism. See also nudist vs. naturist.
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Lindsey's First-Time Nudist Experience
Lindsey First Nudist Experience My husband and I have been home nudists since our wedding night, 30 years ago. I had been sleeping in the nude since high school. On our wedding night we slept nude together and have ever since. So technically, our first nudist experience would be that night.

But what this question is asking is our first nude experience with other nudists. That would be the beach. I went first without my husband knowing about it. He was out of town at a conference and we had been discussing the possibilities of social nudism. Social in that we would be around other nudists. He did not want to talk to anyone. I visited this beach, found an out of the way place to sit and watch people and learn the routine.

Got caught up in a dispute between some gawker with a camera and two younger women that had laid their blanket close to by chair. Ran the guy off and had a nice conversation with the women about the beach and particularly, women and nudism. I really felt safe and comfortable with this beach and the people so I convince my husband to visit.

We visited for the first time 4 summers ago and have returned numerous times each year. On his first visit he was a little nervous. Sat in his chair clothed for about 10-15 minutes then suddenly got up and said "this is stupid" and took his clothes off. He later confessed that he felt out of place being clothed. After the day at the beach and on the way home he told me he really had a good time and would like to visit this beach again.

My husband now enjoys visiting the resorts and we have met lots of great people and have remained in contact with them through e-mail.


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