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It's finally happened! I'm officially a nudist now. Whether I join the club I visited or another, or simply get naked with friends as often as possible, I've finally gone public.

Last Friday I received an email from an unfamiliar address that I might have deleted if something hadn't made me stop and look at it. It was a reminder and invitation to a Rocky Mountain Naturists swim to be held the next night, Saturday, August 2, written to apply either to existing members or interested parties, and including a phone number. Well, this was too good to miss! I had sent a query to RMN regarding their policies and procedures, and hadn't yet gotten a response back. This was it. I called right back, and a woman said "Hello?" Choosing my words carefully in case I had the wrong number after all, I gave my name, thanked her for the invitation to the "club swim," and said I had a few questions. The woman, Carlette, RMN's secretary and its president's wife, immediately put me at ease and oriented me over the telephone regarding the club policies (they admit everyone regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual preference; the rest is pretty standard stuff). She reiterated that I was welcome to come.

I walked in the door at five o'clock Saturday. Jon, the president, and Carlette welcomed me, both wearing clothes to welcome visitors, and Jon took me on a tour of the facility they were renting for the evening. Right away a naked man crossed our path. When the tour was finished I went back to the lockers (men's and women's areas were labeled, but Jon had made it clear that that didn't matter tonight) and, as I had resolved to do, I stripped immediately and walked out into the main area. There were several naked men and a few women, some clothed, some not.

I had had a few first-time jitters in the twenty-four hours between my phone orientation and my entrance, but in maybe ten seconds all the remaining nervousness, the excessive awareness of my body, the tendency to place my hands over my middle -- all that is summed up in the word shame -- "died utterly, as hideous music does when you switch off the wireless." (C.S. Lewis) Thanks to extensive reading, I had shed my fears of ridicule, erections, and the like long before, and now I saw how needless they had always been. My one remaining fear was that I would be unable to keep from staring and thus offend others, especially those of the opposite sex; I had resolved to use my eyes just as I would on the streets or in church. But that fear too was needless. Before the evening ended I had seen it all: women's breasts, men's genitals, even the cleft between a young woman's legs. There was no need to stare, any more than I would stare at hips clad in jeans. I saw, accepted, and moved on.

Soon after I was naked I swam. What a rush! As I stretched out to swim the water, instead of swirling around a swimming suit, glided smoothly along my entire body. My hips in particular, unconfined by cloth, felt sleek and strong. Then I no longer felt my arms, trunk, hips, and legs as separate entities. I was one body.

There were a half-dozen other first-timers that night. I have long been able to talk easily with strangers, and I used this ability to introduce myself. Before long I found myself talking with other newcomers, clothed or not, and trying to help them be more comfortable. More and more I found myself saying "we nudists" or "us," including myself among the regulars. contains nude images of nudists and naturists. Please leave if you are offended by nude sunbathers, nudism, naturism or anyone participating in every day activities naked or if these images may be illegal in your current locality. is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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