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nudist in woods

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I went out of my way to get away from the other lads so I could strip off and enjoy nudity, not for a laugh, but because I felt it was right. I would lay there and enjoy the sounds of nature around me, standing in the stream or sitting in it and feeling the cool water flowing around my body. I would just sit and watch as other animals moved around in the bushes and open spaces, or I would go running through the ferns, climb trees. I WAS AT ONE WITH NATURE!

Occasionally I would have the chance to camp out over night, what fun that was, and if I was on my own it was better, I would lay in the open by a camp fire naked, and on a clear night just look up at the stars, how lovely it felt, the heat from the dancing flames of the fire, on my naked body, only to be cooled by the odd breeze of wind.

When I started to write this page I realized that it really had nothing to do with Naturism or Nudism, but there again it is a part of my life, and part of the process by which I became a Naturist. So if you think it has no place here then I can only apologies as I think it does. Leaving school and finding work, and starting to get involved in other teenage activities, i.e. clubs, drink, girls, and of course the dreaded word sex. My feeling for nudity were still there, but the change in lifestyle, meant they did not seem as important and were put on the back burner. I still enjoyed it on the odd occasion that I found myself on my own, and could relax to enjoy it, although I had heard of naturism nudism (i.e. nudist colonies) I did not follow it up, I no longer went out of my way to indulge in nudity.

I eventually got married, and had a child. My feelings for nudity were still on the back burner. The marriage only lasted 6 years. Then for the next 4 or 5 years I moved around the country, not settling down anywhere, just moving on from town to town and job to job, until I moved into the Berkshire area. As I said at the top of the page all of this has little to do with Naturism nudism, but it does sort of fill in the lost years. contains nude images of nudists and naturists. Please leave if you are offended by nude sunbathers, nudism, naturism or anyone participating in every day activities naked or if these images may be illegal in your current locality. is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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