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nudist resort

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I have for many years wanted to visit a nudist resort, today I did.

A perfect day, high of 78, low humidity, mostly sunning skies, some breezes, a 400 acre estate. I had wondered if lockers would be provided to stash your clothes. They have a simpler solution, you park, get out of the car, undress, toss your clothes into the car and amble down to the club house. I put on sandals, sunblock and broad brimmed hat, put my wallet and keys in my backpack and ambled. (I soon decided that I didn't have to worry about wallet and keys and left my backpack poolside when I went hiking.)

I walked into the clubhouse and there stood talking and laughing three nude females, two voluptuous. They welcomed me in a friendly manner and could not have cared less that I was naked. I was relaxed, no problem, a piece of cake and I went out to the nude pool.

The club house was surrounded by a large grassed area as was much of the lake, the lake about 200 yards wide and 500 yards long. So I could go barefoot there. They have many hiking trails and there I only needed sandals. Most of the trails were well shaded. I went on a hike and returned to the clubhouse to eat and rest. Went hiking again, rested, and then hiked again. The breeze felt so good against my body. As I hiked some other nudist would wave and welcome me.

As the sun got lower in the sky and the breeze freshened the pleasure of being nude increased. Sat on a raft in the lake very near the shore with a pleasant breeze, a grove of bamboo nearby and zillions of trees, serene and beautiful. My peace of mind was as great as I've ever experienced. My biggest surprises: undressing in a grassed parking lot, some couples much older than I, nobody gave a rat's fanny about the nudity, and there were many very husky men. We are not talking wimps. contains nude images of nudists and naturists. Please leave if you are offended by nude sunbathers, nudism, naturism or anyone participating in every day activities naked or if these images may be illegal in your current locality. is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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