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After we purchased a computer and became acquainted with how to use search engines I decided to explore what was on the Internet "superhighway". I looked up "nudist" because although I knew about them and had seen jokes in men's magazines I was very curious about just who they were and what people did in a nudist camp. My wife and I are modest and neither one of us liked to shower in high school gym class. We had skinny dipped with friends, but usually at night and we walked to and from the pool with a towel wrapped around us. We liked the unencumbered feeling of being nude, and it was thoroughly enjoyable to share the experience with friends.

As I was looking around at various web sites for nudist clubs and activities, I saw they were organized and had activity programs such as sports, holiday celebrations, and fun things to do. I originally began looking at the web sites because I was mainly interested in looking at naked women in an outdoor carefree environment. As I was looking at various sites at different nudist resorts, I noticed the people were obviously enjoying themselves and I began to envy them. I started becoming very curious about what it would be like to remove my clothing in front of other people and just go around being natural.

I showed my wife some of the pictures and said to her how much they looked like they were enjoying themselves. Her reply was that they could also be enjoying themselves with their clothes on. Soon she became as interested as I was and before long she placed a call to a local nudist resort and began asking a list of questions we had written up. We wondered what kinds of people were nudists and who we might likely encounter. A misconception was that they would all be "beautiful people" with perfect athletic bodies. We were concerned about the character of the members and if they were either exhibitionists, voyeurs, or worse. We were assured that there wouldn't be a problem and if there was, that we could report any offensive behavior and it would be handled. That was very reassuring to us at the time.

My wife presented me with my birthday present for the "man who had everything". She would treat me to a weekend at a nudist resort. We asked what we should bring and were told to bring sunscreen, a couple of towels, and some sandals. We met a nice couple in the office who asked us some questions and we filled out some forms and presented them with photo I.D. We were escorted to a restroom and told we were to remove our clothes and we could wear a towel at first. I decided that sooner or later the towel would come off any way and this was a good time, so we carried our towels. We were given a tour of the entire resort in a golf cart. During our tour I felt conspicuous to everyone as a newcomer. We later learned the term is "cotton tail" because of the lack of a tan on previously unexposed areas. We were glad to be done with the hospitality tour and decided to go to the pool and meet some of the nudists. At first we had a difficult time finding someone to talk to. Eventually we met a couple who were very similar to us in many ways including age, occupation, and similar interests. We eventually met several other couples and were feeling very comfortable without our clothes or bathing suits.

The concept of nudity changed, as everyone was naked and there were no sexual overtones. We met families who were second and third generation nudists. Many had virtually grown up in a nudist environment. Now we envy them and our biggest regret is that we didn't try this years ago. As the day and the weekend proceeded we encountered some very novel experiences such as coed showers. It is still an interesting experience to shower with several people of the opposite sex. We participated in several activities including water volleyball, shuffleboard, pool, as well as swimming, the sauna and spa. One entirely new experience was to go into a restaurant, place and order, sit down with, and socialize with others at the table, and have lunch and dinner, all totally nude.

My wife loves her opportunity to get out of her clothes and her shell, meet with our new friends, and participate in social and group activities we would previously not have done. Since that first visit we returned and eventually became members, met many very wonderful people, and now we are volunteers for the hospitality tours introducing new people to the world without clothes. contains nude images of nudists and naturists. Please leave if you are offended by nude sunbathers, nudism, naturism or anyone participating in every day activities naked or if these images may be illegal in your current locality. is designed for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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